Some people know me as Henri Sorvali – a composer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and a devoted gamer with almost 20 years of experience in the game industry, hundreds of published tracks on various platforms and several award winning -and nominated soundtracks.

Other people may be familiar with my other personality, “Trollhorn”, who has a history even longer, louder and much more uncompromising in the metal music scene. I’ve been active on that area since the end of the 90’s and sold over hundred thousand records with my bands Finntroll and Moonsorrow and produced and performed in countless of other metal albums.

And finally, those who don’t know me, don’t usually call me anything. My mom calls me “Henri”, and whenever that happens I’m pretty sure I’ve done something bad. 

Having had two separate lives since my early teens- one being the educated musician and one being the noisy metalhead- has been affecting each side of my career throughout the years, both worlds drawing inspiration from the other with a relentless drive and passion to create music to be felt instead of only being heard.

Quality, personality and devotion are often terms associated with both sides of my career and my music is never light enough to not to contain a pinch of darkness nor dark enough to shed a ray of light from within the black.

Since 2013 I have been working at Rovio Entertainment as a senior composer and a music producer for multiple game soundtracks and while not creating music for my own bands in my free time, I’m busy producing other people’s music or trying to raise three children with my wife in order to convince them to get a haircut and a real job when they grow up.

Served cold, noisy, rather tattooed and with mostly dark and bizarre humour.